• This project started out as the Milkscanner (as described on instructables). The basic idea behind this process is that you can capture the silhouette of an object easily when it is surrounded by a high contrast fluid, such as milk or ink.
    When lowering the object into the fluid, the silhouette changes gradually, as the fluid obstructs more and more of the objects shape. By capturing the silhouette of an object at different stages of submersion, one can generate slices, that, if properly stacked together, can be interpreted as 3D data.

  • The first version was developed using C# and Microsoft Visual Studio Express, but I switched to CodeBlocks and C++, using OpenFrameworks as a base for the recording tool.
    The software plays nicely with Moviesandbox 2.0 and i am working on exporters for different file formats. The current code is Open-Source and licensed under GPL. A download link will shortly follow.
    If you want to discuss, or have any questions about, the Milk- or Inkscanner, please visit the Moviesandbox Forums.

  • check the Moviesandbox news page for scanning performances, check out the videos on vimeo and youtube, the photos on flickr, the discussions on instructables or click right here and now for a quick intro video.